Junior Ambassador Program


The Junior Ambassador Program provides volunteer opportunities for young music enthusiasts to become involved with world-class artists’ events directly, understand the process of concert presentation, and to promote the musical goals of HCMG within the community.

Junior Ambassadors must be high school or college age. Participants can earn certificates of accomplishment, work into leadership roles, participate in internships, and be eligible for a $250 scholarship award. Not only will Junior Ambassadors be contributing to the community, but these activities are valuable for college applications.

Certificate Requirements:

  1. Attend four Artist Events, which includes the educational event and the corresponding concert. Most educational/service events take place earlier the same day as the concert. Students who attend the educational event receive a complimentary ticket to the concert.
  2. Volunteer to usher or present flowers for least one concert.
  3. Volunteer to assist with an educational event or pre-concert preparation for at least one concert.
  4. Bring a friend (who is not in the program) to at least one Artist Event.
  5. Post your participation on Facebook and Instagram.
  6. Assist with outreach activities at your school.

Leadership Opportunities:

  1. Become an Usher Wrangler – train and supervise ushers
  2. Become an Event Instagrammer – coordinate posts during events
  3. Present concert orientations to outreach participants

Internship Requirements:

  1. Commit 40 hours of time.
  2. Assist with bulk mailings.
  3. Assist with event preparations.
  4. Assist with scanning activities for the digital archive.
  5. Assist with database research.
  6. Assist with marketing preparations.

Scholarship Criteria:

Current participants in the Junior Ambassador Program may be considered for a merit-based scholarship award of $250.
Participants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be enrolled full-time as a high school or undergraduate college or university student.
  2. Have successfully completed the program’s certificate requirements.
  3. Can authenticate having exceeded the minimum certificate requirements by ushering for at least 4 events and bringing at least two student friends to events during the season of the award.
  4. Additional consideration will be given for achieving a leadership position, completing and internship, creativity in outreach at school, or otherwise assisting the Director and/or the Board of Directors to further the mission of the Guild.

The HCMG Educational Outreach Committee may nominate deserving participants. The Executive Committee reviews the nominations and determines the Awardee. Announcement of a winner, and presentation of the cash award, will be made at or after the final concert program of the season.